Greene County Sheriff Department was given $1,200.00 for bullet proof vest for their K9 unit from The Spa Gallery 
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With over 25 year of experience in the pool and spa industry, Kelly is a power house of knowledge, charm and customer service.

We would put her up against anyone in the business on any aspect of sales and service. Then step back and watch her knock it out of the park!

Along with her passion for our brand new company, Kelly loves spending time at home with her beloved dogs Foster and Tesla. Kelly's love of nature reflects in the wild, wooded back yard of her and Scott's home just outside of Springfield. It's filled with ferns, flowers, hostas, and a stunning and natural looking rock waterfall that she and Scott designed together.

We know you will love Kelly as much as we do the very minute you meet her.



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Scott has been helping customers with their pool and spa needs for 15 years. Fun from the word go, Scott's relaxed and often quirky and silly personality puts our customers at ease and lets them know they are dealing with a no-pressure, knowledgable friend right of the bat.

Scott has always been a customer service first kind of guy. Often times spending days off and evenings after hours at clients homes to help with whatever needs or concerns they may have.

When not working, you can find Scott at a local drum circle or musical event with friends. He has a passion for the Native American flute, handmade drums and percussion instruments.Including the Didgeridoo, which he also makes by hand. Relaxing at home with Kelly and the dogs, kayaking, fishing and making music are some of his favorite things.



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Chris is a veritable encyclopedia of all things pool and spa water chemistry! He can diagnose pool and spa water issues almost just by looking at your water! He worked in the pool service industry in Florida for many years before returning to Springfield to start a family and continue his aquatic adventures.

The crew at The Spa Gallery has been fortunate to work with Chris for over 10 years. We have come to count on his skill and knowledge as the last word in clear, safe pool and spa water. Rather than just throwing pool chems at a problem, Chris will diagnose the true cause and send you with the most effective and cost-efficient products to keep you in the swim. His parts and service skills are also second to none.  He lives for his beautiful wife and children, and loves exploring, playing, and wrestling with the family and their two dogs. Trust Chris with all of your pool and spa water needs... HE'S GOT THIS!